Our History

The Worldwide Missionary Movement was properly registered in the department of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, on February 4, 1963.

"This work belongs to God, and I did not know what the Lord wanted to do ...we can say with joy and thanksgiving that it is God who has raised the Worldwide Missionary Movement, in a way that we never tried or thought, to give the missionary work and the evangelization of the world, the place Jesus gave to them..." Rev. Luis M. Ortiz.

Doing the missionary work in Cuba, God gave different revelations to Brother Ortiz and visions to several people simultaneously in which He spoke to him about a great Work of worldwide outreach for which he had to leave Cuba.


Rev. Luis M. Ortiz, was born in Corozal, Puerto Rico, on September 26th, 1918. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior when he was 10 years old, and that very same night he was aware of God's calling for him.

When he finished his studies, he started to work in a newspaper called “El Mundo (The World).” Later, he quit that job to obey the calling of the Lord and study His Word. During that time, God dealt with him concerning the missionary work in Cuba. He resisted that calling until in a home service, while he was praying, God Himself called him, and finally he surrendered his life to the Lord to obey Him.

In 1943, he married Sister Rebecca Hernández Colón, with whom he had two daughters: Damaris and Priscila. In that same year, they went together to the missionary field, first to Dominican Republic, and then to Cuba where they worked untiringly for 17 years, planting around 60 churches and a precious group of servants of God.

Then he came back to Puerto Rico in 1960 by commandment of God, and in 1963 he officially started the Work of the WORLDWIDE MISSIONARY MOVEMENT.

"Throughout Highways and Byways Across America and Around the World."

Rev. Luis M. Ortiz WMM Founder

Rev. Ortiz was a reserved, meek, humble, spiritual, and holy man; strong in his convictions, kind in his dealings with others, especially with the laborers of the Lord.

He had a broad vision; he was a missionary and evangelist with great results in the saving of lost souls and great miracles performed by the Lord. He was also a pastor, a Bible teacher, a deep writer, a clear and understandable poet; he wrote over 200 poems. The Work that developed is one of faith, sacrifice, suffering, fruitful in many souls surrendered to the Lord, and hundreds of established churches and laborers called to serve in His Work.

He founded the monthly missionary magazine, "Evangelistic Impact," which after 50 years, is still published monthly. He was an untiring traveler, holding evangelistic campaigns, conventions, conferences and fellowship meetings.

While others in the course of the years had changed, Rev. Luis M. Ortiz was steady in his convictions and the principles of God's Work, without changing the fundamentals of the doctrine neither his testimony of life.

It pleased the Lord to call his servant on September 26th, 1996 when he was promoted to his presence. Undoubtedly, Reverend Ortiz was a man of God with giant steps, his motto: "Throughout Highways and Byways Across America and Around the World."

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